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Drop ship


Voici une définition figurant dans notre dictionnaire :

  1. Requête : Commande répondant à une syntaxe précise permettant la manipulation d'informations à l'intérieur d'une base de données.Dans le monde des bases de données, les requêtes permettent de sélectionner (SELECT), supprimer (DELETE), ajouter (INSERT) ou...


Voici les dernières actualités analysées par notre agrégateur au sujet de "Drop ship" :

[Xbox-Mag.net] Test > 0D Beat Drop(, 2010-02-17)

Empile, oui, mais en musique s'il te plait Expliquer le concept de 0D beat Drop en quelques lignes n'est pas chose aisée. Vu de loin il ne semble être qu'un clone parmi tant d'autres de Puyo Puyo ou plutôt de Baku Baku Animal pour les conna...

[Silverlight] Drag & Drop avec Silverlight 4(, 2009-12-08)

Une autre nouveauté de Silverlight 4 Beta est la possibilité de faire du Drag & Drop de fichiers (ou Glisser-Déposer si vous préférez ) directement dans votre navigateur préféré. Voici un bout de code pour illustrer cette fonctionnalité ! Tout d'abord...

Inverse Invaders(, 2009-11-14)

Inverse Invaders is a modern remake of the classic Space Invaders arcade game. The catch here is that you are not in control of the Earth defender ship, instead you control the numerous army of alien invaders! By clicking on an alien ship you order it to shoot. Each kind of invader has it's own shooting capability, so it's up to you to find out the best strategy to win the game. It's time for you to get in control of your invader army and show those Earthlings a lesson. Controls: Click on an alien ship or an UFO to shoot. Score: Hit defender ship with top Alien shoot: 5 points. Hit defender ship with middle Alien shoot: 20 points. Hit defender ship with bottom Alien shoot: 100 points. Hit defender ship with UFO shoot: recovers 2 aliens from your army.

Zip Zap(, 2009-10-30)

A sideways scrolling shoot-em-up in the style of the ancient arcade classic Defender. Defeat the alien invasion by destroying all 10 waves of enemy spacecraft and rescue as many refugees as possible. Move with the arrow or ASWD keys, fire with Z or M keys, pause with SPACE. You can also pause by just moving the mouse outside of the game window. Collect refugees who wave at you from the ground, fly over the runway in front of the tower where they'll drop off and run home. Look out for the abductor UFO's which try to kidnap the refugees and transform them into cyborgs who will relentlessly track you down and harass you with photon bullets. If you can catch a refugee dropped from an exploding abductor before he hits the ground you'll get some bonus points just for having style. Exploding enemy ships eject bonuses of various kinds: alien crew = 50 points silver stars = 100 points gold stars = 500 points white crystals = score multiplier blue crystals = shield purple crystals = rapid fire red crystals = extra life You can ram or shoot the alien crew, all the other bonuses have to be collected. There are 2 levels of rapid fire - if you collect a second one before the first has run out you'll have very rapid fire indeed. Your ship is equipped with a tractor field so you only have to get close to a bonus and it will be sucked in towards you.

Formation : conférence + atelier référencement

Formation au referencement
Formation au référencement par les spécialistes en référencement de Ranking Metrics : conférence le matin, atelier pratique l'après-midi.

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